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Cllr. Deirdre Hargey (Laganbank)

Deirdre is a 30 year-old undergraduate from the Market community in South Belfast. She is one of 7 children and still resides in the Market's. In November 2010 she was nominated by Party activists in the Laganbank constituency to be co-opted on to Belfast City Council to replace outgoing Laganbank councillor Alex Maskey MLA.

A Sinn Féin member since 2004 she is an active member of the Nolan/Downey Cumann. Deirdre is a member of Sinn Féin's trade union group, and has been involved in community activism for over 10 years, worked on issues such as social housing, social security benefits, youth issues, community safety, health, physical and economic regeneration.

As well as advocating on behalf of communities she believes in empowering communities to become involved in community activism. Has

Deirdre is currently holds the following positions:

  • Development Worker with the Belfast Reconciliation Network;
  • Chairperson Market's Development Association;
  • Co Chair Gasworks Community Network;
  • Board of directors on Cromac Regeneration Initiative;
  • Member of Inner South Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership;
  • Steering Group member of Belfast Conflict Resolution Consortium;
  • Belfast Local Mediation Development Partnership.

Deirdre has been employed as a Development Worker with the Belfast Reconciliation Network since October 2009. This work focuses on developing Republican/Nationalist interface communities and assisting them in developing dialogue with Loyalist/Unionist interface communities. In this capacity she is also involved in the management of contentious parades and has been active in developing capacity-building training such as mediation, allowing interface practitioners to effectively deal with conflict and division.

An avid Gaelic Games enthusiast, Deirdre has been involved in Camogie through St. Malachy's Camogie Club for over 10 years, something which has fuelled her commitment to seeing facilities for Gaelic games being delivered in the Laganbank area.