South and East Belfast Sinn Féin -- Building an Ireland of Equals

Laura Keenan (Castlereagh West)

Laura, a mother of two small children, was born and reared in the Short Strand area of East Belfast, was educated entirely through the medium of Irish and is a qualified teacher and works in that capacity locally.

A keen Irish language activist, Laura believes that the Irish Language is an important part of Belfast as a city and the wider Castlereagh area, and that equality should be given to our native language.

Well aware of the many social and economic issues that exist today she is committed to traversing cultural, political and religious divisions, stating, "I want more for the whole community and particularly the children in this area, and I want to develop the area for families".

Reflecting on her educational background Laura says, "I have experienced what an effective education can offer our young people, and I wish to work towards an inclusive education system that values all our differences and cherishes our futures."

Laura believes that issues such as employment, youth services, and health are vital if the local community is to prosper.