South and East Belfast Sinn Féin -- Building an Ireland of Equals

Alex Maskey MLA

Alex Maskey is from Andersonstown in West Belfast and is married to Liz with two children. He was elected the first republican Mayor of Belfast in 2002 and was widely acclaimed for the inclusive approach he adopted in carrying out his role. He was the first Sinn Féin Councillor to be elected to Belfast City Council when he won a by-election in 1983.

Despite years of physical and verbal abuse inside the council chamber from Unionists and Loyalists he spearheaded our drive into City Council and we are now the largest party in Belfast. He has overcome two attempts on his life by loyalist murder squads and continues to be both a committed community activist and a senior negotiator for the party.

He is a key party strategist and was a member of the Sinn Féin negotiating team. A former head of the West Belfast Partnership which worked for the economic development of the area.

Elected a Sinn Féin Councillor for Laganbank in South Belfast in 2001 and as a peace negotiator in 1996. He was elected as Assembly member for West Belfast in 1998 and during the last Assembly he served as the party's Chief Whip. He served on several Assembly committees including the Finance and Personnel Committee and is a member of the party Ard Chomhairle. He has travelled extensively for the party at home and internationally to promote the Irish peace process. He was elected MLA for South Belfast in November 2003. Alex was re-elected as a councillor for the Laganbank ward in 2005, a position which he gave up in 2010 in line with Sinn Féin's policy on dual-mandates, allowing him to focus on his work as an Assembly member on behalf of the people of South Belfast.

Alex is currently the Party's spokesperson on Policing and Justice and a member of the Policing Board.